Alison Croney Moses

Custom Furniture and Wood Sculpture

Craftsperson. Maker. Educator


Alison Croney received her BA in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design, where she was fortunate to studied with John Dunnigan and Don Miller, among others. She received her MA in Sustainable Business and Communities from Goddard College. Alison worked at Anderson Ranch Art Center and MCA Denver in Colorado and Red Rabbit in New Your City. She currently is the Director of the School Partnership Program at the Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts where she oversees visual arts and woodworking programs in Boston Public Schools. She also teaches at the McCormack Middle School as part of the program. To read more, see Alison's resume.

Wooden Objects

Alison creates objects that walk the line between function and sculpture. Using techniques such as coopering and bending, she highlights forms found in nature while creating objects that encourage interaction.


Education Experiences

Alison strongly believes that positive change in communities will only happen if young people are empowered by knowledge, skills, and experiences. She is committed to working with young people to help them along this path of positive change.